Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cash has been sick...

Poor little baby cash! He has been so sick! We went to "Help" sarah paint her new house on Friday, mostly i just sat there and told her about my miserable life. :) We went to the shop for a minute and cash was crawling around and kooper got a sucker from his Papa, and shared with cash so that was nice! Haha. Kids!

Coleman had to work late so we took the kids and put them in the tub together! We took pics...and of course i don't have them... so maybe sarah will post them!

Anyway Kooper was kind of sick over the week-end, and Cash was kind of too. I guess thats what they get for sharing suckers! Cash wasn't doing so hot on friday night but was a little better saturday and sunday, but yesterday (monday) he had such a hard day. He had a fever all day, and night... Most of the time i checked his temp and it was 101-ish, but there was one that was 103.5 and i was freaked out! So i doped him up on tylenol (i gave him a normal dose...don't let me fool you) and within 10 minutes it was back to about 100. But for a few minutes i was ready to load up and go to the ER. By morning he was a consistent 100 degrees, and dropping. I was so happy to have his fever gone. He didn't eat much yesterday or today. Until dinner. He had mini Ravioli's and was very happy to be stripped down to feed himself! As you can see he is pretty much back to normal! : )

He is so dang funny! Yes that is a ravioli stuck to his arm....and sauce all over his belly, hands, face, and forearms! He is a goofball! He is looking so much like a kid! I can't believe it! here he was at a couple weeks old

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