Saturday, August 13, 2011


I cannot explain exactly how timing has played such an incredible role in my life lately. I started school 2 years ago in September, and I was taking 2 night classes that took me away from my sweet babies, I was in on-line classes, and so I was able to be home a lot. Cash was 2, and Presley was 2 months. I realized how much they needed me, and I realized how important my time was with them, especially with Presley being a newborn. I remember praying and literally asking to get this process over with quickly, because I really just wanted to be a mom, and I didn't want to have 5-10 years between babies, but I wanted to have some security, and a back-up plan. I was happy going to school, it felt so good to learn again, and it was difficult but in a good way. My second semester I was taking an early morning chemistry class with Coleman, so we would drive to Rigby, drop the kids with Sarah at like 0715, and be up to class before 0745. That was a crazy semester... I wa taking 17 credits, (4 of Anat and Phys II, and 4 of Chemistry) got kind of rough. I almost dropped Chemistry 10 times... but I stuck with it, and when I picked up my acceptance letter to the Nursing program I needed that class as a pre-requisite. They wouldn't have let me have that spot without that credit. AMAZING that I stayed in, and that I pulled the necessary B.

I got right into the nursing program which was a sign from above that I was doing the right thing, with the right timing. I remembered that prayer and knew that I was being watched over. I got through school on motivation that I would be a labor and delivery nurse, It's pretty much what I wanted from the beginning. (having worked for Dr. Leavitt.. Loved him, loved that job, it was that job that made me KNOW I wanted to be a nurse, even though I knew since I was in High School...) When we did our women's and children's rotations (3rd semester of the program) we spent a day in NICU, which I loved, and I knew that was something I could do as well. I kept being told throughout school "You'll need at least 2 years of experience in Med/surg, or something else, before they would ever consider you in L&D." So I just planned on getting any job to eventually get hired where I really wanted to work. I thought "Oh the experience will be good for me... blah blah blah."

I was no longer hire-able at EIRMC because of a silly little job I had there (for 6 months) 6 YEARS ago. They don't ever let go, I guess. (even though since then I have been told several times by HR, keep checking back, you'll be rehire-able maybe in another year...etc.) So, I had a job interview scheduled with the manager on 3rd floor in July, but got a phone call and was told I would not be able to have the interview because I was blacklisted as "abandonment." (during my previous employment, I had 3 days left in my 2 weeks notice, when HR told me that because of a write-up in my file I would not be employable by EIRMC again as I was leaving while in probationary status.) So, no prospects there meant I was hunting again. Which was fine. Anyone who has worked there knows how difficult they can be.

So on our way to go camping a couple weeks ago I stopped at Portneuf to talk to their Nurse recruiters, because I wanted a job. :) They'd had a job posted in Labor and Delivery for 2 months, so I thought.... what the heck, right? Well the nursing recruiter talked to me, and was very nice. (some other places tend to look down their nose at you, as a new grad, and they didn't. They treated me like I was actually capable of doing this job... WHAT?!) she told me which jobs were available, and which I could probably get as a new grad. I went back to the car and said to Coleman... "hey, should I go talk to the Director of L&D?" and he of course is very encouraging "what do you have to lose?" So I did it. I walked into her office, and professed my love for nursing at her feet ;) I told her I was capable and compitent, and most of all I WANTED it. I had some related experience having worked with Dr. Leavitt. She said "well, I am to the point now that I need to start hiring nurses, and I am not getting any with experience." YES for ME!! I think she liked me. She took me down to meet the L&D nurse manager... so we chatted for a while, and they asked me a lot of questions, what did you like about your L&D rotations in school? How did you do there? Would you want to start in women's services? etc... YES YES YES! I loved my clinicals, etc... So after AN HOUR! I left and went back to my car, in complete shock, and told Coleman (and maybe everyone I know) all about it!

That was July 27th, and so with each day passing I have completely convinced myself that I didn't get the job... but surprise they called me yesterday and OFFERED IT TO ME! I am starting in my dream field! SERIOUSLY! I cannot believe it. I am so happy and excited, and I am looking forward to beginning this new adventure in my life. I am not exactly sure what to do with myself ;) Everything really does happen for a reason, and we are tried and tested. My patience has been tested a lot, but i try to keep myself grounded in the fact that we still have a God, and he is still watching out for us. I need this experience NOW while I don't have another newborn... I need this for my future, and then I can cut back my hours and be a mom again, but right now this is what makes sense. I am so happy.

P.S. they called me 2 minutes after I got back in the car from taking the board exam! CRAZY!


tphillips said...

Ashley I love this post!!! I am so happy for you! You deserve it all....your such a good mom and person!!! Keep up with the blog I love reading how you and your fam are! Miss ya lady!

Kiley said...

Just tested up Ash. You're amazing! Stay strong! :)

Kiley said...

And by tested I mean teared!

Our Family said...

Congratulations Ashley! That is really exciting! I can see you in that field doing a wonderful job! I would love you as one of my nurses, or one of my baby's. Good luck! Hey, we're coming into town this week... can we see you? Say, Thursday???

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Katie Lee said...

Congrats. That is great news!