Monday, July 12, 2010

Presley's 1!!

To my gorgeous baby girl!

Happy birthday my sweet little sister! What a fun year we have had getting to know you. I have learned a lot from you, about myself... Like how you are possibly the sweetest, most easy going carefree child I have ever had the pleasure of being around! How do you do this? I am trying to figure it out, and so badly would like to emulate you! If I catch your eye, you send cheesy grins my way, fleeting little moments that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. You are beginning to find your personality, and I love to see your spice for life!

You sure do love your big brother... even though he picks on you once in a while. But don't worry, when you scream that high-pitched shrill scream when he takes away a toy, it is often followed by his returning the toy to you. He loves you so much. When you wake up in the morning, he gets down in your face and says "hey pres! Good Morning Pres! Hey presey, did you wake up? huh? did you wake up?" and he is so happy to play with you.

You're are beginning to talk a lot, you say dada, mama, ca (for cash), hi, uh-oh, what'sat?, DAY-hmmm (for daisy, the dog) you say AHhey (for Ashley) etc. You wave when we say hi and bye, and it is about the sweetest thing! You shake your head 'no' at me too, and it makes me laugh! You have not been very scared of strangers, but you always like to look for me; Once in a while you seem nervous, but you genuinely seem to love people. Oh and how they love you! The last couple weeks alone I have had at least 10 people comment on how pretty you are, and tan. And you are!

You have been different than Cash in so many ways. I love every second I spend with the two of you, and when I am not, I can't wait until the next moment I can sit and snuggle and kiss you. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for you, and I love you more than anything! Thanks for being such a sweet, amazing little girl! Thanks for helping me realize the things that really are important to me in my life. Thanks for all the joy, and the great times! You're growing up so big sugar bug, and I can't wait to see every minute of it!
I could just eat you up!

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