Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We sold the Ranger! YAY! i think i am the only one in my house who isn't sad about it... haha! No, Coleman took it like a man... and Cash doesn't really get it i am sure... or his world would crumble! Ever since we bought it he would stand at the garage door "ride! ride! ride!" and drive me CRAZY! Whenever the ranger was outside he would run and climb on it... and seriously sit on it for an hour strait! just hoping for a pity ride...

The boys took it for a final ride and out she went... We got it for a great deal, so we were able to make some money off of it... I'm sure that softens the blow for Coleman...I know it does for me!

Cashie had a Dr. appointment the other day and he cried when they gave him shots, but the pain was quickly forgotten...as he was super pumped about that band-aid! He has a band-aid obsession. His doctor almost everytime we've seen him has said "Wow, he is a good talker for his age." He referred him to Salt Lake to see an allergist... and we couldn't get in until September! Hopefully we can get some answers about his rashiness, and milk allergy stuff. According to the blood draws he had done last year everything was normal. He didn't even show that he was allergic to milk... so his Doctor wants skin testing done down there... maybe they can give him a proper diagnosis, and new treatment... who knows!?!?

Cash is beginning to put together sentences now... he'll say "i want cheese" or "i no want cheese" it makes me laugh... And he is becoming a liar... he occasionally will tell the truth but for the most part he just lies to me. haha! (mostly about wether he is poppy or not) He says excuse me when he burps and farts, but not until he has a good laugh first! He does say "sorry" whenever he runs into something/someone, or when he does something wrong, and it is so CUTE! We went to Downata last weekend and i took no pictures... so i stole these from my Sister's blog... she was so kind to let us sleep in her camper... She took pity on my huge pregnant rolly-polly body, and didn't make me sleep in a tent! They put us on the sweet blow up mattress! It was fantastic! (Thanks Sarah!) We went with my Dad/Kristine, Sarah/Kris, my little sister kennedy... and Kooper and Livi! It was really fun!

Here's Coleman... doing what he does best! Dutch oven! We only cheated on the potatoes... the Ribs, Wings, and Peach cobbler were all done with charcoal! it all tasted great by the way...but the potatoes were only okay...and...Yes that is my belly poking out around cash... I am getting huge!


Rachael Havens said...

That is such a sweet picture of Cash! Isn't Dutch Oven cooking the best.

Kendra said...

oh you are sooooo cute! I can't wait to see that baby girl! So, have you thought of names (or are you guys not sharing....??) And that picture of Cash is really cute, the one where he is eating the cake. He looks like a little boy, not a baby!