Thursday, February 26, 2009

hot dog in my pocket

I just found the hot dog in my pocket! Why was there a hot dog in my pocket you may be asking yourself.... well....

Cash and I went to Sam's Club tonight for a few items... and it being dinner time, i felt the need to splurge on a pair of hot-dogs... well... cash was less than interested... he would rather dance on the table or be held (he says "hold ya! hold ya!")

So i finally load up the remaining hot dog, and we leave the store... and as soon as start outside he decides he wants it,and keeps screaming for it, and trying to unwrap it. I get him in his chair and he ate most of it on the way to target... as soon as we got into target (where there are no garbages handy mind you) he decides he doesn't want the last of his hotdog...and i being the good samaritan that i am stuck that sucker in my pocket!!! (that was a couple hours ago!) just put on my jammies, and the hot dog flopped right out of jeans pocket! gross! the bizarre things i do for my child!

Oh, and thank you Coleman for cleaning the garage!!! i am currently parked in it... for the first time all winter! how rediculous! : )

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