Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In light of my anniversary:

How crazy that another year has come and gone! We have been married 4 years today. Life just keeps rolling by.

Also, I must say I wouldn’t have made it to this anniversary were it not for my awesome husband! He is always so funny, and so easy to be with, yet such a thorn in my side! haha! I don’t know what I would do with-out him. He entertains me that’s for sure. It is so interesting how much you can truly care about someone, and not fully comprehend it until they are gone. We have found such a deep connection, and it seems that when he is gone on duty for the military that’s when we realize the depth of that connection! Interesting that I can live alone for almost 4 months, and now that he has been home a month I HATE being here alone. I hate going to bed alone (not that I ever liked that) I just get scared. Half the time while he was gone I would shut my light off, close my eyes, hop in bed, and just pray and pray that I would be okay, and survive the night. Sometimes I would just cry. Alone is really not the way it is supposed to be. Not when he keeps me safe. He makes me comfortable.

While he was gone we wrote some really sweet e-mails back and forth. Eventually the Subject Line just said “things I miss” and we would come up with one or a couple little things that we missed about each other. Funny, because this is so not Coleman's Character!

Like This from Coleman:

movies on the projector
dinner when i get home
garage sales
rides in the car
blue hashi, texas roadhouse, stockmans, mongies
huge pots of spaghetti
talking late at night
showing you off
hand me down clothes from ur mom that i think are crazy
making me brush my teeth
bike rides
late night you tube
working on projects like the fence
helping me study ( I could use it now)
back rubs
Most of all i miss you and how much you support and understand me. you always want me to be happy and try really hard on the small things and I appreciate it I love you and its funny those little things you dont think about that you miss so much when they arent there I love you and miss you I hope i appreciate these so much more when I get home because they are the small pieces that keep this train rolling. most of all I hope we can add to the list of things I miss

One of mine was:

Your chicken wings
your dutch ovens!
your peach cobbler....yum yum
your love of cooking!
That i don't always have to cook, since you like to also!
I miss your hands
I miss your lips
I miss my best friend...
Come home Soon!

And he wrote me a few awesome e-mails… here’s some snippets:

“…I know our story will never be in any Disney cartoon but to me its the best love story I have ever heard of Its actually my biggest accomplishment and nothing will ever beat it. I never realized it but I don’t need anything else or any other accomplishment but my failures have led us to the most perfect condition in the worst way.

Thank you for being my wife and my best friend even though the conditions weren’t perfect. I found my princess and one day Ill have a big castle with every dream I can imagine forever with me and you.”

“I miss it when I know inside your belly is a boy that is going to be my best friend”

SO Coleman, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for taking me through the temple on our 1 year! I love knowing when I wake up every morning, you’ll be there. The sacrifices you make for our family are sometimes excruciating… you give up so much for us. We are so grateful for it. And for you. Thanks for teasing me even though it sometimes ticks me off!! Thank you for being a hard-worker and taking care of us. Thank you for being such a good friend. Thank you for working on the house! Thank you for being the best Daddy there ever was! That boy sure loves you more than anything! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Because It will be with you! Every step of the way.

Thanks for the great 5 and a half years! Thanks for calling me princess, you know I love it!

4 years already! Gone so fast, I can't believe it! and at the same time I don't remember what it was like before you were in my life!

Here’s to the rest of our lives ... and then some … :)


Kris and Sarah said...

yay! congrats! cute pics!!

Mike and Nikki said...

That was so sweet Ash - congrats on 4 years!! You guys are a such a great family.

Andria said...

You do make a cute couple. Congrats on your anniversary.

Kendra said...

Ahh. You guys are so cute! 4 years already!!! Wow. Can you believe it? I really can't. Jeff and I are working on our 4 year anniversary, but actually have been together for 7 years come December. Time really does fly! And, your Halloween pics are also adorable!! Love the Toy Story theme.

Amber and Che said...

Happy anniversary you guys! What a cute and amazing couple you are. It was good to see ya at the reception. Love all the pics you're so cute! Have a good one!!

Mimi said...

such a precious couple... ;) lol!!

Amanda Taylor said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I remember it like it was yesterday! remember Sher's phone? *HALLELUJAH* I'm so happy for you two. So did you get coleman fruit or flowers? :)

Tyson and Alli said...

Happy anniversary! Your post makes me so excited to be getting married in January, woo hoo!