Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Armoire!

I found this fabulous solid pine armoire on craigslist! It is lovely, and heavy as CRAP! Well, it was nice when i found it, but my whole house is so full of Oak everything (i even have an oak toilet seat!!!) that i didn't want another peice on yellowish wood! Before i go crazy! So i...Painted it.... And it turned out lovely! A little Teal, and stain over it! I LOVE IT!

I just realized... it was late when i made this movie... so just pretend the words pop up at the correct times! : ) oopsie. i was tired!

Who the fetch needs HGTV?!?!?!?!? haha!


Mike and Nikki said...

That looks so good! Nice job!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Yay! It turned out beautiful! It so doesn't look country blue! I still think you should've let me help you move it.

Ali said...

I love it! It looks awesome- good job!

D-rizzle said...

So....when we finally buy a house....guess who I recruiting to help me?? LOL. Looks awesome!