Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We went to Utah this week-end! It was SO fun! Nice to breakaway from my house.... not jog... not care about anything i ate! And I mean...ANYTHING!!

We were driving down, and I answered my phone and it was Kennedy! (my 3.5 year old little sister) and i said "HEY! how are ya? I am coming down are you Excited?!?"

Kennedy: "ummm... No, i'm bored of you!"
Me: "oh...well what about Cash? do you want to see him?"

Kennedy: "YEAH!!!....No Ash, I love Everyone!"

Thanks Kennedy! She is one spicy little girl! We had a blast with her.

We went to Lagoon! Cash's First Official Trip! Rode some rides... ate some good food! Hung out with the kiddies. Cash had fun, but it had a better time the more used to the rides he got. I was defilitley more excited to take him than he was to go! haha!

The first ride we went on the new one this year, "the oddysea"

He was concerned by the end of the ride! haha! It was hilarious!

Cash and Kennedy Bulgy the whale!


Carousel! Oh what a Classic!

Cheeto Bandito!!

Lady bug DROP! Kennedy wanted me to go with her!

Puff The Magic Dragon! I LOVED this ride when i was a kid! Cash was so smiley on this one!

Bumper Cars! He liked it...at first! Then didn't so much...

Cute little Boats!

2nd Bag of Cheetos! Just call him Chester!

Borrowed Jacket! Real Men Wear Heart Bedazzled Jackets! YEAH

Dad, Kristine, and Kennedy.... Thanks for the Super-FUN weekend! It was nice to have some time with you guys, and with Cashie!


Mike and Nikki said...

Fun! that looks like you had a blast!

My Three Sons said...

HoW FuN! I LOVE Lagoon! Wish we had tagged along, even though we're 600 miles away :) Also, I love scentsy. how fun that you're selling it! And I love the new wreath on your front door. Very cute! Why don't you drive up here and visit me, PLEASE!

the stone fam:) said...

i am so jealous i wish that i could have taken my kids but could you imagine not pretty!!! so hows the house work coming? well cash is so dang cute good job!!

the stone fam:) said...

ash thanks for the awesome party sorry i didnt order anything but i will i promise i will and it was so much fun when i get into our house i will for sure throw a party