Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lots going on Lately!

So....Over the week-end i bought the Fourth book.... Breaking Dawn. haha. I feel like a 13 year old! It's all good though. I actually like the books, quite well. They are a nice easy read... and very thorough! I felt like everything tied up nicely in it.

These are for the movie...that comes out in december. I wonder if it will be any good. Books into movies usually aren't that awesome... so we will see!

We had a BBQ at Kris and Sarah's shop, and Uncle Kris took us on a ride on the rhino!

Kooper really wanted to stand up! he wasn't very happy about not being able to.

And Most importantly....

Cash took his FIRST STEPS today! Holy Crap!

He will take 3-4 steps at a time... and figuring out that balance! he is so awesome. I love this baby so much!

Coleman was on skype (webcam) so he watched cash take his first steps! hallelujah! He isn't missing EVERYTHING! even though it feels like it.

Coleman Update:

today is the half way mark! Yeah and Crap-all at once! I am so glad to be on the count down now... but it feels like forever since we saw Coleman. Is it really going to be Forever more?!?!? Crazy. I started him a blog... It's in my link-list...So that he can put pictures and stuff of what he is doing. He hasn't done a lot with it so far. But i hope to caddle prod him enough to get him making some progress!

anyhow... just a lot of hanging out, babysitting, exercising, and chasing cash. That's all i have been up to... : )

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