Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batman: Daark Knight

Went and saw Batman last week-end, too! It was really good! Really long! It started at 4:40, then like 20 mins of previews, but after that we were there until 7:30! so it's like 2 and a half hours.
Anyway, Heath was awesome, a little freaky for me! And Christian Bale was super good! Loved it, want to see it again!


Light Strikes a Deal . . . said...

OOoh....you found way cooler photos than I did! Especially the Joker...FREAKY! Anywho....I had a dream last night that I saw it for a third time and sadly enough, that dream will probaby come true :)

Light Strikes a Deal . . . said...

Ok....apparently I'm signed in under Michael's account, don't know how that happened but this post as well as the last are from your cousin, Nicole :)

Ali said...

ohh, It looks scary. I liked the first one but the joker just looking at him gives me the heeber jeebers. When does Coleman get home? Maybe by than it'll be in the cheap seats(were such cheapies)It'd be fun to go with you guys.