Friday, July 25, 2008


We ate lobster tonight! Holy crap! It was weird! well, and experience to be had. Dr L. ordered it from Maine, and it has to be over-nighted. So these babies were basking in the sunny ocean just yesterday. He invited everyone over, because he is freakin awesome. And having a box of 50 lobsters and seaweed, over0nighted has to be pretty cheap, right? haha. THANKS DR. L, you are THE cool!!!

Box with 50 lobsters in it, and seaweed... but in his right hand (top right of box) you can see one.

Here is one alive.

Lobster Tid-Bit: They are thrown in a boiling vat of water while they are still alive because if they are already dead, they are poisonous.

Cooked. Nice and Red... Pretty dang tastey! I love fish and stuff though... so for me it was fabulous!

Lobster tid-bit: When it is red, that's how you know it is done.

That would be the tail meat on the left top of the plate. and there is more meat in the arms. Like Tricep and Bicep? whatever, i don't know...

Lobster Tid-Bit: make sure you wash the green stuff off the meat. It's BRAIN! and... i didn't know... Until after i ate it.....(Vomit.) Sick huh? I don't want to talk about it.

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