Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, SARAH!!!

Happy Birthday to my big sister!! She turns 25 today. Holy CRAP! It seems like our whole lives all we have ever been is "5 and 7" or "11 and 13". But here we are "23 and 25!" WOW! where have the years gone?

You always kind of despised me a bit. I stole a bit of your thunder i think...
Your Baptism... I always looked up to you, and learned from your mistakes. Like when you told mom in 2nd grade that you were in LOVE with Jesse Tate, and she told Jesse's Mom.... i vowed i would never tell mom a potential love interest. And I didn't!
Fishing. Hiding behind rocks, to avoid scaring away the fish. And trying SO hard to be extra quiet... Didn't always work, but some of those fish are just suckers for the flies! you didn't want to touch the fish in this picture. Who knew that would be a life-long issue!

I always wanted rag curls. You always had them. Until this fateful night, when Grandma gave them to me too. In Retrospect, i see why she didn't want to give them to me.
"Best buddies" Is that a re-writing of history?

Ode to the many a shared birthday! Gotta love the July Birthdays!

My Marriage! I would call it a wedding, but don't people usually come to those? And the red dress picture! Strap you to the top of a police car.... you were a SIREN! haha!
I have to say, you have always been such a huge part of my life. I don't know what things would have been like with-out you. Probably a few less brushes broken on my butt for misbehaviors that i am sure you had some role in. And a few less moments of rage, when i would kick your trash! A few less wrappers eaten. A few less tattles. A few less time-outs. No top-bunk! Less Clothes to steal in high school. No make-up lessons! No stealing and reading of the diary.... (yours was always so much cooler than mine!!) No sleep-overs, less laughs, and no free dances (sometimes lap) that you give. All-in-all it would have sucked!
Thanks for always being there. And always answering your phone. Well, at least you usually call me back! Anyway, happy birthday, and thanks for always making everyone else's b-days such a big deal! Like i said...i don't know what we would do with-out you. Not have parties anymore i guess. : )


Kris and Sarah said...

OH MY HECK!! I love those pictures! You are so great! Thanks for makin' it the best birthday ever!! :)

My Three Sons said...

How cute! I love your ode to Sarah. Where's your ode to Nicole? I'm just saying ......... :)

NancyT said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister. I love all of the old pics. You are an awesome sister.

Amy and David said...

Ashley, Those are the cutest pictures ever. Those younger ones are exactly how I remember you guys. Way cute!