Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big boy toys!

Cash is such a big boy! He loves the big boy toys!

I watched an older boy the other day, he will be 5. He brought this big boy toy with him. He will come hang out with us an occasional day here and there. He will be with me tomorrow, and it is his birthday, so i think we will make homemade ice-cream, in our ice-cream machine, and decorate sugar cookies! Hopefully that will entertain him, and his big brother who is 9. What do big boys like to do? i would have loved that as a kid! But if there are any tips of what i can do with these older boys for entertainment when they are around... let me know! : )

Baby jaedyn at the hospital, Click on "Chad and Angela" link on my buddies list to see some adorable pictures of this oh so beautiful baby!!

We have been so lucky to get to have Chad and Angela's baby Jaedyn come play with us! She is so dang cute, and so sweet! Cash just loves her, and one day called her "Jay"... he looks at her, and occasionally tries to touch her a little too hard.... so we're learning "soft" right now... he just smiles so big at her, and will help me hold her bottle for her. I guess it's good for him to get used to his mom not just being his all the time! And it is nice for him to get to be with me more. And we sure do miss her when she isn't around! Thanks Angela, for letting us play with little miss Jaedyn!!


My Three Sons said...

Chash is SO CUTE! He's getting bigger all the time, huh? Your caterpillar cake was very clever and cute. Did you make it? Also...that photo of the guy at the pool with his drawers half way down his bum kills me. Seriously? Who walks around like that! Poor guy!!

Kris and Sarah said...

ha ha nothin' like a good kick in the face!! ha ha ha

NancyT said...

So, apperently I haven't blog stalked you in a while. I lot has happened. You are so stinking talented. I love the cake. One idea that I have for boys is get a squirt bottle and let them go to town outside with it and they will be entertained for hours. Hope that hhelps you.

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Hey! I'm sorry I missed the Lake trip!! It looks like you guys had a great time! And THANK-YOU for providing such great care for my little girl! You truly were an answer to many prayers!