Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the lovely mother's out there! I had a nice day....made the rounds and saw the fam. This morning Coleman took care of Cash so i could sleep in. He is so good to me! : ) So i got some much coveted sleep, and when i awoke i found the men in my life like this:

Cash doesn't do this it's kind of fun when he does. We went to church, and then went and visited everyone. Coleman bought me 'P.S. I love you'...haha....that's as close to romantacism as we get in my house! ("Maybe if i buy her that movie she will think i am as amazing as Gerard Butler.....hmmm...") haha...I do adore Gerard though...

So...not a ton going on lately...just trying to be creative in figuring out a way to be able to be home with my baby cash cash! Any input would be appreciated!

Coleman got the word, he will be going to Texas this summer for the national Guard. He Leaves June 6th, for Boise, and i am taking a week off to spend up there with him. Then he has to check in with the Fire Academy by the 20th. He is going to drive down there too, since he will be off at 4 every day, and have his week-ends off. That way he will at least have a car to go do stuff. So he won't have to sit in his "hotel room" day in and day out! His graduation day is October 1st, and i will be saving my pennies to get a plane ticket down. Then we will probably drive home together. I'm sure i will take cash too. Long Summer....but i am ready!

I started planning Cash's birthday party! hahaha....i know... i am way early! But i need something to entertain me while Cole's gone. After his birthday it will have to be planning DisneyLand. (We're going in October) I'm hoping Cash will be old enough to really recognize the characters. He will enjoy it a lot more if he did., well haven't i become quite the little blogger! Have fun!

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