Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Yoda!

I hope that my Lovely Grandma had a nice day yesterday. It was her 70th birthday! : ) We had a luau as you can tell by the her grass skirt, and flower bra. She has a couple leis on too! Her remark while Hawaiian dancing was "I have an artificial knee! This is really hard!"

It takes a long time to light seventy candles. Here she is watching her fate! The flames were fairly scary! half the candles were melted to the cake by the time the birthday song was over!

We had to open the door when she blew out the candles....check out the smoke!

Kooper and Cash always have so much fun together. Cash didn't like this for very long though.... weird.

Hope your birthday was extra special Yoda! We Love ya!


NancyT said...

What a fun day! I love the picture of your grandma waiting for the candles to be lit. You should get it bigger and frame it.

Kris and Sarah said...

Ha ha, ha ha seriously, I love the artificial knee thing!!