Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Cash sure enjoys his sunday dinner... He doesn't know how to say he is done so instead he just keeps taking bite after bite, and stores it in his cheeks like a chipmunk! The stored food doesn't always last too long in his mouth either...It gets everywhere! He gets in crazy moods sometimes where he wants to be heard, and just yells! In case he didn't already have my attention. He then will crack up at himself, or at me, which always makes me laugh! He is so funny! I love this baby! This video was taken on my cell phone.... so sorry about the low quality... : )


My Three Sons said...

Hooray, you are blogging for real! I LOVE the video of Cash. So this is who my Mom spends endless hours with. My boys would be so jealous if they knew! Also, the bathtub pics are darling! Also, I LOVE your playlist. I Loved Carly's version of Come Together. Great year from American Idol, eh?

Emily said...

Cutest baby ever! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.