Saturday, March 29, 2008

So i have been bit by the american idol bug this year... I have never been into it at all.... actually kind of thought it was dumb. I do love Carrie Underwood though, i just thought she was the best thing American idol ever did!

OK, so i really think David Cook should win!! I totally love everything he does with his songs plus he has a great voice, and he rocks out! I love that he holds the mic, and throws the mic pole around! He seems so comfortable on stage. He is really fun to watch.

I am always entertained by the rest of these guys too. I always wait to see them. But I totally love David Cook. Carly Smithson has a cool accent, David Archuletta is good, but doesn't always do it for me....

Brooke White is good, but a little bit too the same for me every week. And i like Jason but he needs to step up his game if he wants to win!

Listen to my playlist for some songs from some of them....So here we are.... I am officially a convert, and can't wait for Tuesday night! : )

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Randall, Annalee, and Mack said...

....glad to see you have joined me on the dark side!