Sunday, January 22, 2012

Candy Machines

Last summer Coleman bought Cash 2 candy machines at a garage sale the week-end I graduated. (Which by the way was exactly 6 months ago today... crazy huh?) He has been pretty into learning how to use money, and filling up the candy machines.

Once when filling the machine, he took the bag of quarters and said "OOOHHHH, Money, Money, I LOVE Money!" --this struck me as funny considering that he doesn't know really anything about it... but that I always tell him I don't have enough money to buy him a toy, ha.

He is slowly working on his bank account, and was so cute the day we went to set up said account. The lady said "do you want to set up a password on this account?" -- I asked Cash "what do you want your password to be?" He said "uuhhh, ... please?" Ha. I think one of the machines will be Presley's to maintain, when she gets a bit older.

P.S. How could you say no to this amazingly cute little face?!?!

We just barely placed his second machine, but we kind of miss having it here. I am pretty sure I ate half of the hot tamales all by myself. So it's prob good on the old mid-section that it is gone. But it was fun with Koop and Liv, every time they came over they had quarters in hand to spend...

I recently told him he should save the money from the machines for a ticket to Disneyland, for himself and his baby sister. When he had enough money to buy both of them, we could go. (Right now they are running a military deal for $99 per 3 day park hopper...Military Salute)

So perhaps this year we will make it happen. If I could possibly decide to drag myself to work those few extra shifts to pay for it, that is... Or maybe we will just use our tax returns... :) and, of course, if Cash can sell some SERIOUS amounts of M&Ms and Mike and Ikes. Just Sayin'

P.S. I also need one of these for the trip:

Yes, that is a mini-van. I have completely lost my marbles, and the little bit of coolness I used to think I had. :)

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