Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TO my gorgeous 2 year old girl

Presley, I cannot believe you are two! The last 2 years have gone by so dang quick, it is just craziness! ;)

You are beautiful! We have watched you change from a sweet little innocent, pink, bald baby, to a sweet and sassy spirited (and bald) little girl. You look so much like your mama, it is weird... I look at you sometimes and I see pictures of myself as a small child. You talk very well for your age, and everywhere we go people comment on that. Also they tell me how gorgeous your skin is, so dark, and tans so beautifully (I think you got that from me! :) All night last night I was telling you "tomorrow is your birhday!" and you kept saying "I blow da candles?!" You are really cute. The way your cute little smile curls up, I really could just eat you up!

You have been calling your swimsuit a "swim soup" all summer, which has made us laugh. You just figured out how to actually say the word this last week. You love going to Gigi's house, although while there you frequently scream at uncle Rob. I think you prefer Gigi to me in a lot of ways, even after I get there you go give her loves, and ask her for treats, like ice cream.

You tell Daisy (our doggie) to "shut up, Daisy, shut up!" and if she doesn't you will tattle "Mom, daisy barkin'!" -- You also tattle on Cash "Mom, Cash sceam!" Or "Mom, Cash hit" -- the funny part is, you say it after YOU hit cash, or YOU screamed!

We sure do love you, and are so proud to have you as our little baby girl. Thank you Presley for just being you!

Love Mommy

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