Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cash's Birthday! (Cash and PJs party)

My big boy turned 4 today... he woke up and first thing he said was "MOM! IT's MY BIRTHDAY!!!" I went over and hugged him, and said, "Cash, four years ago today I went to the hospital, and you were born, and I just loved to hold you and kiss you, and you were so cute! You were such a good baby!" he said "Oh mom, I love you!" so I said "I love you so much, too... happy birthday Cash!" -- "Oh, happy birthday mom!... Happy birthday Cash?" I laughed. He is 4 and so smart, and sweet. Love him. He wanted to get a jamba today, so of course I said yes, it being yes day and all! We walked in, and he said to the girl at the counter "today's my birthday." she said "It is? how old are you" he told her 4. She called his name when the jambas were ready, and the group of them sang him happy birthday. It was pretty cute.
The kids ran 50 errands with me this morning, we got the cake, picked up the balloons and drove To Rigby... we had some salads, pulled pork sandwiches, and a darling pirate cake that was semi falling apart... I will post pics when I get them from my amazing Sister, the photographer. ;)
Camera phone pic, but he parked his new razor scooter Grandpa Dinsdale got for him outside the bathroom! He is so cute, and Koops is helping him out!

One other funny thing Cash said the other day was to Coleman's grandma... he said "Great Grandma, I am going to have a birthday party on July seven, and yoooouu're invited! It's going to be a pirate party, you can come be an old lady pirate at my birthday!"

We had the party at the Riot Zone in Rigby, the Go-karts and stuff were a hit! Cash rode the go-karts at least 25 times. no lie. Along with doing everything else he could do. He definitely got his money's worth out of that $18 wristband! And, SO many people showed up, I was super excited! It was a nice night off from school... tomorrow back to reality. But... Thanks so much to everyone who came and supported my little babies... you are all the reason they are going to grow up and become wonderful adults some day!

I will get a better non-blurry picture on here soon... ;)
P.S. I can't tell you how many times I thought (over the last year) that I wished it was Cash and Presley's birthdays becuase that would mean I was almost done with this program... and guess what, HERE WE ARE! about 6 months ago I had to settle myself, and had a reminder to enjoy every second with them cause I can't go back... So I have. That's probably part of the reason I haven't been blogging. Just something else to distract me from my time with them. They are the greatest kids! :)

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