Sunday, September 12, 2010


SO to start with... This picture is of Cash after he beautified himself with my makeup. He hangs with me too much! :) Needs a little more man time with dad i guess.

My new couches! Actually i bought them from someone, so i didn't pay full price, but we got the couch, loveseat, Chair and a half (it is humongous) the coffe table, and 2 end-tables. We are super pumped! :) We had to drive down to Draper UT (with food poisoning mind you) to get them, and the funny thing was I had looked at them in the store like 5-6 months ago. They were just kind of expensive... so we thought we would wait and see what we found. It was just lucky. thank you KSL :) Lyndsi and Dad and Coleman and I and the kids went to Chuck E. Cheese on the way home too. That was fun. (Sept. 1)
We went to Yellowstone with Grandma and Grandpa Dinsdale. It was fun to take Cash and Pres. She actually just slept through a lot of it, and i didn't have my real camera... so these were from my phone. There was a point where Cash was holding hands with Gigi, and Great Grandpa, just walking with them. It made me happy that he has gotten to know them, and enjoys to be with them. He loves his family! We went on Sept 2nd.
Cash wanted this "computer" he kept calling it from Target. Well every time we went there if i couldn't find him he was always playing with this toy. So Coleman told him to start doing some chores to earn some money, and he could come buy it. (it's $60, $20 for each extra game, $10 for the house charger and $10 for the car charger) anyway... so he saved his money, and we got to buy it! he was super cute about it. He bought it on Sept 6th.
Cash's first day of school. As you can see there was no fighting him to go, he was just pumped to be there. I had to wake him up to get there on time, and after I told him we were taking him to school he said "Are you going to leave me there this time?" after i said yes he said "Then I need my backpack." He was so excited! He ran right in, and I took him down to hang up his bag. I did okay, but it kind of makes me sad to think about now! He is so grown up!

This is his first school project:
His shirt looked just as colorful. I love this boy. He is sure handsome

I haven't said much about Pres... she is WALKING! all over... she is super excited to be up and mobile. She is just becoming a beautiful girl.... turning into such a kid. She is starting to repeat everything you say. She is such a sweet girl, and truly happy. Her daddy has sure been enjoying rocking her to sleep every night lately. He is such a good dad to my sweet kiddos. Just loves to hold them and love them.

School is back in for Coleman and I too. I have been kind of stressed about it, now that I am realizing how much i am NOT going to see Coleman. He has been working quite a few shifts at 3B (the juvy jail) and he was hired by Rexburg fire department for an internship during the paramedic program. So every 6th day he will spend 24 hours at the station. He is SO busy with school, so much more busy at the school than I am. But as long as everything goes to plan we will both graduate in July, Coleman with his Bachelor's in Emergency Service Administration, and me with my Associate's in nursing. Just stressed about how to get there, and what to do with my kids in the meantime. I sure miss them while I am at school, and this semester is going to take it's toll on me, and them. I just need to get through this, and my life will be so much better when all is said and done. :)