Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A whole lotta summer! *picture overload*

Already August 11th!

Holy crap, where has this summer gone?

We have had a crazy, busy, wonderful summer! Coleman's family had a reunion at Bear Lake this year... The kids were fun, and Cash apparently got annoyed with someone, so this is what we found:
He said "he was bugging me." So he mooned him? :)

Driggs Parade - Saturday August 7th
We went to the annual family drill weekend thingie.. we went camping up by palisades, and on Saturday the city of Driggs asked for a color guard at the parade. Coleman went up to do it, and I came to watch. It ended up that they had 1 person too many, so Coleman ended up driving the guard fire truck, and we got to ride with him! The kids just sat and waved out the window the whole time! They were so funny...

Her little teethums... She has 5, the other is just to the (her) right of her incisors...
The truck in all her glory! She is quite large, it's hard to tell how big by this pic though

Granite Family Reunion, August 2010
I didn't take nearly enough photos at this reunion... but here are a few of what I have:

Catching critters in Granite creek
She REALLY wanted to get in... so she did! :)

The beauty of being a boy while camping...

Cash rode the river with the big guys! My fam usually runs the Snake (Hoback) and Cash got to ride down to the cable, before the real big stuff, Kahuna, Lunch counter... etc. The big guys, and Koop rode the whole thing! I was very impressed! Cash liked it after it was over, but was a little stressed with the cold water splashing on him..
My kids stayed back with aunt cheryl and sarah while Coleman and i ran the river. If i look deathly afraid.... I really wasn't... but man that wave is huge from that angle!

Coleman took this little beaut

Idaho Falls Airshow - Blue Angels
We went to this a few week-ends ago. Coleman had to work there (for guard, showing the army fire truck, seen in the parade post) I am glad we went, it was fun to see, but my kids were ready to go by the end. Neat nonetheless.
Face paint! Pres had a flower, and Cash a snake. So tough!

Spray Park
We went to the spray park in Rexburg the end of June. I thought for sure the kids would LOVE it... I was wrong. Cash was afraid of the slide, so I sent him down with pres... haha... they were in it for quite a while(stuck?) Coleman got soaked trying to get them out, haha.... then they just played around the perimeter... and finally after a while they would go near only the small stuff, but no where near the big play area again! They are traumatized for life, I think...


Our summer has been a vast array of sunscreen, sandcastles, water playing, shorts, family reunions, eating out, Bear Lake, hot sun, BIRTHDAYS, Idaho breezes, bike rides, blue skies, swimsuits, ant-farming, camp-outs, thankful for A/C, BBQs, jogging, beautiful days, bug spray, Rigby Lake, cool nights, swim diapers, spray parking, worm-finding good old-fashioned fun! With a little study time tucked in here or there...

We hope it never ends!

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