Monday, August 31, 2009

2 week-ends ago

We went to Lagoon Last Friday (8/21) Cash did great! we stayed out WAY too late... but he was being so good! He loved it! Presley did great! She slept quite a bit... she's a good girl!

Presley's super cute swimsuit... we went to Sam's that morning and bought clearance swimsuits...since we were going to the waterpark... It has disney princesses on it! LOVE it!

Noah took cash on a lot of the rides! Thanks Noah dude!

Then saturday we went to:

Which is FANTASTIC, by the way!

But before that we went to:

He screamed "GIRAFFE!" when we came around by the giraffes... he LOVES giraffes! especially the "giraffe store" (or toys R us...he frequently asks to go there!) he really liked the elephants too... I think because they are so huge in real-life... and he's not seen many of them...

We had a super good weekend!!

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