Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Presley Jane

My little girl! your due date was tomorrow, and i am so glad to have you here instead of in my belly!! You sure love to be talked to and cuddled and kissed! You never cry... Only if you are hungry and even then it isn't much more than a wimper! You love your big brother... AND he loves you! He talks to you, and you really try to focus in and look at him... He says "hi sister!" over and over and tells you you're beautiful! He is always asking to hold you!
I love how huge this binkie is in your mouth! It dwarfs your head! This was yesterday, and the first time you have really taken the binkie... you don't really like it that much!
You have so many cute clothes! Thanks to everyone's generosity and your mom's knack for shopping! :) haha... (Those were the good old days since Daddy got laid off, and we're poor college kids now!)
I can't believe your brother used to be as small as you! He is a good boy! And has decided this week that he likes to use the potty... SO maybe we will have only one in diapers! We'll see!

You love to be outside! You try to see everything that is around you... Someday it will be easier to see it all!

I am so thankful for you! The minute we knew you were coming to us, I thanked Heavenly Father, and haven't stopped thanking him since! Oh how much I love my two kids!!
Love Mommy

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