Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh the Ranger

Not tons going on here... Coleman did buy this little ditty last week though! It's a Polaris Ranger. It was a Repo... We got a pretty good deal on it... and originally intended on at least listing it on KSL and craigslist and stuff... just to make a bit of money... But we kind of like it! so we'll probably just keep it... Coleman already promised to donate his plasma to make the payment, and insurance! HA! we'll see how long this lasts!

anyway, it's fun to ride around in... we have been looking for an INCREDIBLE deal on a trailer so we can tow it up to the hills, and not get arrested driving it around our neighborhood! let's just say i am not super keen on the idea of dropping another $1000+ on a trailer! (especially considering then we want a backseat, to make it a 6 seater,(cha ching) and a plow(cha ching, cha ching)...and...the list goes on!) They are supposed to be made street legal at some point... at least Bonneveille county is trying to make it that way... Then you'll see us cruising 17th in it... but until then up to the hills we go!

We are trying to get our basement really organized... getting food storage going... and getting Cashie's room worked on this week... my dad is bringing his "new" KSL bed down this weekend... so i would like to at least get everything moved out of there... YAY for confrence week-end! I don't know why they frown upon you wearing pajama's to church... pretty sure lots more people would show up! And i got called to be in the Nursery. Haha! Cash LOVES going now! poor little mama's boy!

I am making Cash's new bed a quilt this week... a denim jeans quilt. Hopefully it turns out okay... it's a little scary right now, but i am just experimenting! :) I am also trying to decide how to do the babies bed set... i think i am going to make it myself! SCARY! but i have some amazing seamstresses in my family, so they can fix it when i screw it up!

I feel busy but i never have anything to blog about, crazy!


Kraxpelax said...

My Philosophy:

- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Mike and Nikki said...

that's cool about the ranger - you guys will have lots of fun with that! Mike and I were in the nursery for a year, it was fun! Hope things are going well with your pregnancy!

Kendra said...

Oh the Ranger. Cash is so cute when he asks to go for a ride! And good luck on all your sewing stuff miss Holly Homemaker! :) That is awesome!! I don't even have time to think about making a blanket. I actually started one before Payton was born.....haven't finished it yet!