Saturday, February 28, 2009


My little sister is so funny!! she turned 4 in December, and i just laugh at her all the time!

We were in Utah 2 weeks ago, and i asked what she though our new baby was going to be, "a girl like you or a boy like Cash" and she goes "it's a girl." she was SURE.

So when i called to tell them it was in fact a girl, i got to talk to her, and said "kennedy! you were right! the baby in my tummy is a girl!" and she goes "i know, ash!" she's a smarty pants! i have talked to her on the phone twice since then and each time she asks me "is the girl baby out yet?" " she won't be out for a really long time... but as soon as she is i will call you" and she's all "well, i am going to Disneyland,"(next week mind you)" so don't call me when i am there" "ok kennedy!"

It'll be a while, but if it isn't yesterday, today or tomorrow, i don't know that a 4 year old can comprehend!


Katie Lee said...

congratulations. we are so excited for you guys. we have boy and can't wait to have a girl.

Rachael Havens said...

So much fun. I bet she is the best little auntie.

My Three Sons said...

I can TOTALLY relate. A day or two before we left for Aaron's farewell I asked the twins if they wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Of course, they were ecstatic! But when I pulled into our driveway instead of Grandma's you would have thought someone was dieing. They were hysterically upset. IT was then that I realized that there is no point in telling them anything in advance :) I'm so excited for your "girl" baby!

My Three Sons said...

p.s. I started the Fatloss4idiots diet yesterday and it's starting to stink, but hopefully it'll work :)

Kendra said...

hahaha! Kennedy is funny. Kids say the funniest things!