Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mad at my blog!

Half of you can see my blog normally (the way my computer shows it) and the other half... well, you have to scroll down a half a mile before it shows my new posts... and because of this i have been avoiding posting. Call me hormonal! But, it is really annoying to me! what the fetch can i do about it? i changed my HTML back... blah blah blah... anyway, if anyone has any tips...

I haven't been up to much. I can't find my camera to put pics of christmas on here. whatever, it was fun! We stayed at Sarah's, and the kids had a ball! Cash got a radio flyer trike, that he is absolutely in love with. It's pretty cute! We got to spend a lot of time with family, as a lot of them were here. I missed everyone that wasn't though!

I have been cooking a lot lately. I don't know what's come over me. I am getting to the end of the first trimester, and nesting? i guess? I just feel like having food on the table, and left-overs in the fridge! i love leftovers! Weird, huh? I caught an episode of Rachael Ray last week and now I am addicted to her website... I am always on there looking for new stuff... or just really good stuff. She is amazing!

Cash is making the transition to nursery pretty well, he is pretty good about going and playing with the kids now, so that has been good. Plus it motivates me to get to church! Coleman works 3 sundays a month (every other at his job, and 1 national guard week-end) Poor guy. or poor us! we miss him a lot every sunday. At least i do, when i have cash screaming and throwing mini tantrums.... then after every prayer he yells "AMEN! AMEN!!..... AMEN!" and if that's not enough it's followed by "LIGHT! LIGHT!" and then we have to point out all 78 lights in our church! it is interesting to wrestle him by myself. Challenging... but i love him anyway!

We went to boise last week-end, Coleman is taking a bunch of fire department tests, (Pocatello, Boise, and Thursday is Meridian/Nampa) not that i am dying to move, but we would for a job. Idaho Falls test is in April, that would be ideal! If he could work for poky, and we could stay here, that would be good too! He loves firefighting, and has done a lot to get a job... now he just has to pass the stink civil service test... Pray for him! :)

Oh and Cash and i have mini conversations now! WEIRD!! he whines, i ask "what?" and he will usually say "snack" or "eat" "milk" or "bum" (when he's poopy.... doesn't this mean i can start potty training him!?!? if he recognizes there is a porblem...) So then i usually say "What do you say?" and he says "PLEEEEAAASE!!!" just like every little kid! So cute. He is getting so big now. For a little guy. He's a good boy!

I will try and fix my blog.... but it's hard to fix when it shows up normal on my computer. ?!? I don't know. Have fun!!


Mike and Nikki said...

Good luck with getting your blog to work right! I wish I knew what to tell ya but I'm sure you'll figure it out! Sounds like you're doing well!

Ali said...

Hey Ashley, I was wondering what happened to you with no posts for awhile, I wonder if it's the browser cuz' I have to scroll a mile for your posts. I use firefox not IE, and it doesn't work in google chrome either. It could also be in your code that you don't have an ending tag on a certain element, which will take forever to find, if you ever find it-it sucks!. I'd just revert back to google's classic template that way you'll get good code to start out with again, than change your background ect.

Rachael Havens said...

I love Rachael Ray too. Sorry, but I don't know how to help you with your blog problem.