Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread - JHOTNEY MAKHEE!!

Adorable Kooper... he came over the other day when i made this Lightning McQueen Gingerbread creation. Kooper has been a long time fan of the Piston Cup Race Car! :)

Sarah gave it to us for Christmas! Kooper wanted to eat it. I told him he could after christmas! so we ate some of the extra candy... and an hour and a half later i found kooper, he had dragged a stool over to the counter, and Jhotney Makhee (as he so excitedly calls him) is now missing half his mouth and has a huge gouge taken out of his frosting hood. I was glad i had already taken pictures!

It's okay though, because i love kooper way more than i loved Jhotney Makhee.

Everytime Cash sees it he says "Cars!" in fact he is standing here as i post this repeating "cars, cars, cars..." over and over. He's a goof ball!


Camille & Ryan Darrington said...

So cute! Now that takes talent...I totally would not have the patience...I was about ready to go insane after finishing mine! :)

Amber and Che said...

That is so cute! I love cars and I'm 24! It's one of the movies I want for Christmas! haha. HOpe you're doing well. love you guys!

Kat and Cam Johnson said...

That is awesome. I am super jealous... I'm not the best in the kitchen. You did a great job! Hooray for Disney & pixar...hooray for cars!

Jarae and Steven said...

Look how talented you are. It looks great. I want to eat some too. :) Have a Merry Chrismtas guys!