Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(My 100th post! Crazy!) The happenings...

I haven't been posting much the last little while...Life is crazy! We have been really working on getting our house and garage in order. we have like 3 truckloads of junk to take to the DI, and we bought a Gorilla Rack for our basement (we need like 2 more!) to start organizing our junk, and then we need like 10 of those big plastic tubs to organize stuff into also.... Any on a good sale anywhere?!? Let me know!

Wehave so much extra furniture that we need to sell :) I love liquidating! I feel like we are spring cleaning! Coleman and i didn't have eenough time to get this stuff done before he left, and i sure as heck couldn't do it all alone! We need a truck. Seems like not very often we need one, but when we do, we REALLY do! ;)

Trying to figure out life with Coleman again! haha! Things are meshing well back into a normal pattern and routine, so that has been nice. He's already a pain again! I sure missed that thorn in my side though! Being apart will seriously make or break you. It definitley changes the dynamics of our relationship.

It's weird to just be living life now, and not be counting down to something. I mean there's always Christmas to count down to i guess! Crazy huh! It's just around the corner.

Also, just babysitting a ton.

Cash is so fun lately! He is starting to remember all the animal sounds, well duck, cow, (he says "cow" also!) sheep, and horse. we are working on pig, and dog. He says "dog" so for some reason he doesn't want to bark! he says "light" constantly. Anytime he sees a light. imagine how many times you see a light fixture (off or on!) every day... it gets pretty interesting with someone reminding you constantly. He loves to read several books at night before bed. He knows his ears, and nose also, but has been refusing to show you when you ask where they are. We've also been working on Mouth, and eyes. Someday he will know his body parts i guess. He still is rashy a little, but he has been on soy, and rice milk, and i have become slightly anal about cutting him off of EVERYTHING milk related. Even like cheetos and stuff. He hates it. But when he has anything with any of it, he breaks out in a rash, and gets diarrhea. Then he gets a nasty bum rash. I hate it for him. Poor kid.

Anyway... same old boring nothingness to blog about! No news is better than bad news i guess! ;)


Mike and Nikki said...

That's cool that you guys are getting so much done! Together at last! It's fun to hear about Cash and all his new words!

Kendra said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment! I read your blog the other day when we were trying to figure out the whole Britney thing (which, by the way, is still a mystery!) We need to go to lunch!!! I will call you and see what day/time works for you. Anyway, Wal-Mart has those big tubs for cheap (I know cuz we just had to buy a bunch for Payton's toy room). Is Cash allergic to milk? That would REALLY suck!!!! Anyway--i'll call ya later today!

Kendra said...

Ok, I called you and you didnt answer...I am assuming you haven't found your phone. So, lets do lunch today at noon! If that doesnt work, let me know when and where and I will be there! Call me, or post back.