Monday, October 20, 2008

Diet Coke Addictions are Genetic!

My Family comes from a long line of Addicts. Diet Coke being the drug of choice! My grandma Yoda has been consuming massive amounts of the liquid since i can remember... Followed by my mother and aunt Cathy... And my big sister Sarah.... And now my own child. He climbed 4 peoples laps to get to my mom today at lunch so that she would give him a sip of her D.C....he chugged it. He got the watery burning eyes (just like the rest of us!) and kept going back for more. Diet Coke was all i could do to entertain him on the airplane to Texas! (that and treats... the DC lasted longer!)

Diet Coke is a huge part of our life. Completely Asinine!

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NancyT said...

You guys do have a problem with the Diet Coke. But, I can't say too much because I have a problem with the hard stuff, coke, pepsi and root beer.