Thursday, September 11, 2008

what's up...

Not a ton going on.... the days are DRAGGING by.... i feel like it will be forever before we see Coleman! we fly in 2 weeks... and i am so sick of waiting it is rediculous. The last 2 weeks have dragged SO BAD!!! It doesn't help that i have begun to count down the HOURS either. Seriously... half the time someone asks when we go i am like "2 weeks 3 days, and 6 hours." I am going to die seriously. It's Forever.

So today i started a project. We are buying my Mom's 4 poster bed. It is really a cool bed, so we are excited! we have never had anything real nice for our bedroom. I think the first year of our marriage we slept on a mattress/box springs on the floor. Who knew the rails are only like $40 at sam's! Oh well. We survived. We have had the same bedspread too since we got married... so i bought a new one! But today's project was painting our bedroom! So fun! It's a fun green. kind of mossy, khaki green. whatever. I will post pics when i get it back in some semblance of order!! The bedroom downstairs had a small twin bed that i took apart, and moved to our Basement... then i took our queen Mattress, Box Springs, AND Rails, and moved it all downstairs by myself! YES i am AMAZING! Anyway, so i set up our old mattress, and made the bed... and the next couple of days my fam will help me move our "new" (to us) bed!!! YEAH! It's a queen too, but has an awesome mattress... which is good, since our old one kind of sucked. okay to sleep on once in a while, but not anything you would want to sleep on all the time!

I asked Coleman if he was glad he wasn't here to have to do all the moving/painting, and he was like "No! I am so ready to come home!" It has been a long hard 3 months... and we are spent.

I have been looking at Halloween costumes too.. and got a laugh out of these:

(One night stand!)

I am tired and it is late... so i will try to post more later. pics and stuff. I have been listening to Z103, for the last 2 1/2 hours, and the last 6 songs have been repeats from when i first turned it on! Rediculous!

Farewell for now!


Annalee Taylor said...

one night stand...funny! (it took me a second!) SO your ambitious! I cant believe you moved all that by yourself, wow...superwoman? So, I am excited to see you new bedroom! You better show me some pics!! I hope things start moving faster for you, I cant even imagine! Your a trooper for sure.

My Three Sons said...

I think you should buy the lost puppy costume. AwEsOmE :) Also, your mom's bed (oh, i mean your bed!) is SO COMFY! She let Vern and I sleep in it when we came to visit. Heavenly. Congrats and I do want to see photos of your new room. Can't wait for Coleman to be home for you!