Friday, August 29, 2008


Not that anyone cares to call anyway... BUT

Cash decided to use my phone as a tub toy this morning! Yay! I guess i wanted a new one anyway!?!? haha... He's a nerd. It was really my bad for not having it out of his reach. I have insurance on it thank heaven, for just such occasions...Sometimes phones like to go for a little dip. And because i can't dish out $300+ dollars today. : )

So... I grab my phone that was fully submerged in water, and i took it apart, and was blow-drying it...when... i look over and cash (who was still in the tub) decided right then and there to take a little poopy doopy all freakin over.... so i threw the phone and grabbed him out... Sick.

So i guess e-mail me if you need me... or something... maybe it will sort of work when it's dry?!? I will be visiting Verizon today... And now i will be bleaching out my bathtub. PURE Bleach!


ANGELA and CHAD said...

OH NO!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's disgusting! I can't wait for that to happen to me... cuz you know it's bound to! Sorry about the phone Ash... do have any plans for how to get a hold of us this afternoon so we can follow you over to Sarah's to help her move? I'd say, "call me" but I think that would be pointless!

D-rizzle said...

I love it. Ask Darrell what happened to his PDA when Z was about Cash's age. He wanted to see if it floated. It didn't.

NancyT said...

Oh, stinking phones. Paige threw mine in the potty and I had insurance and they charged me a $50.00 deductable since it got wet. What the heck! I am still pissed about the whole deal. Stupid Verizon!!

Amy and David said...

OHH NO... I can't believe it he's too cute you just cant stay mad. (hehe) Alex recently dropped his phone in the toilet. What a bummer literally! I hope you get an awesome new phone.