Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cash-A-Smash has a rash!

So my poor little Cashie has a lovely rash. This is his back, Lt shoulder area. This is what it looked like on Friday. It started on Wednesday, we were at the park laying on a blankie under a tree. He was asleep, and had a blankie on him. It started as what looked like heat rash. More prickly looking. But as the days go on, he doesn't have the prickliness anymore, just has red blotches everywhere. It comes in spurts. for a while it is worse, then it kind of clears up for a while. I don't know if he had a sudden onset of allergies, or if it's seasonal, or...what... but it is bugging him. He itches occasionally. And when he bonks his head or gets scratched or anything, the skin in that spot gets Really red, and really inflamed. white swollen. Almost looks like blisters.

Then today he went down for a nap, and slept for almost 3 hours! so that's a lot for him... but then when he cried out i went in to get him, and he had Vomited all over his crib. I don't know what to do! No fever, just a bit of a runny nose, and rash. I actually would guess itchy eyes too because he has been rubbing them quite a bit lately. I wonder if it's just seasonal allergies. I should probably take him to the Doctor.

Crazy week of babysitting last week. I kind of wanted to shoot myself, but now am glad that i didn't. :) haha! More kids for more days than i usually do... Craziness. But it's been a nice relaxing week-end, to rejuvenate me for another fun week! Yay!

I bought my plane ticket to go pick up Coleman!!!! Wahoo!!! only 6 and a half weeks to go! Is all. So short... really... not .... much.... longer.... AAAHHH!!! We are on the downward slope, so i guess i should be grateful. I am excited, but nervous to fly with Cash. He flew home from Boise with me, but that was only like an hour flight. He had a great time, but was a little crazy, and really wanted to crawl on the floor! This one will be a 3 and something hour one, and then another hour one. So hopefully i can entertain him!

I think that's about it.... for now... :)

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Mike & Nikki said...

I hope Cash gets feeling better :( that's no fun!
Take care!