Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little bum bum!

This poor baby has had a constant diaper rash lately. He has been sick, and poopy every 2 hours! rediculous! So... i have been letting him "air out" a bit.

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My Three Sons said...

There is nothing cuter than a baby's bare bum! By the way I LOVE Sentsy! One of my favorite products, I've even considered selling them, too! Ok, I missed your "memory" game, too. thing I remember with you, Ash, is when you were a little baby (I was, what, like 7 when you were born?) I thought you looked EXACTLY like one of Grandma's dolls! One memory that also makes me chuckle was when you lived in SLC and your Mom would drive us past a certain someone's house all the time and how IRRITATED you would get :) I also remember when your Mom had a yardsale on 13the East and we took a bit of the proceeds to Bagelbys and bought a ton of Bagels and cream cheese, back in the low fat high carb days! Fun times!