Saturday, June 28, 2008

Island Park

We went to Island Park for the weekend... or at least i went friday morning and was there til Saturday night... It was an eventful trip. We got there and were surprised by the zillions of mosquitos there were...sick...nothing like getting high on bugspray the whole time! yeah! anyway cash took his first real ride on a four-wheeler, and a Polaris Ranger (The six seaters, it reminded me of going on a safari!)

When we went to bed that night, i was laying down waiting for cash to go to sleep, and icould hear the buzz of little mosquitos... i saw something in the corner of my eye, so i watched for it again, it kept passing me but it was dark enough i couldn't tell what it was. i thought it was a humingbird. IT WAS A BAT!!!! SICK! so i slept in the other room with my dad and kristine. they had a bunk bed in there... Cash slept like garbage and was up very few hours... made me remember why i don't miss the newborn stage!!

Anyway then today we went rafting down a peice of the river, it's like floating a ditch! :) barely anything but cash liked it pretty good. He and the river trip had a love hate relationship! He hated his life vest, but he loves water. we had a lot of fun. The kiddies really enjoyed it!

But the bat and mosquitos scared us off, and i am glad to be back in my own bed tonight! :)

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