Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dry Socket

I know this is a picture for wisdom teeth removal, however i was truly disgusted! Just wanted to gross everyone else out too!

I was on Google images trying to find a picture of "dry socket" because apparently i "borderline" have it. I was hurting pretty good yesterday, finally the pain caught up to me.... and since i don't have my dentist right here i went to Mara's (my friend/coworkers) mom's office. She works for an Oral Surgeon. They were so awesome, and he irrigated the crevices in my mouth....and after throwing up pain meds last night....it tasted pretty awful! I am surprised i have been getting enough to eat, so much food came out. Anyway, so they dressed my wounds with clove oil covered gauze....and i feel FABULOUS again! I am so glad that i went in!

I then saw these and am now grateful to not be int his position:

Then i saw these and laughed!
gotta love a little grafitti! And a cell phone gun....Classic! :)

Coleman Update:

Coleman has been driving to texas all day today. He is in a small town in the Southern side of Colorado tonight.... he will get up in the morning and have another 10 hour drive ahead of him! I am feeling bad for him. But i miss him like CRAZY and especially since i am sleeping alone, and i have to be mommy, and daddy....and it's just weird to not see him pop in once in a while. He totally makes me laugh, and i especially miss that. When we talk and he just says the most perfectly hilarious thing at that moment... I can't decide who has it worse....me at home doing my same daily routine stuff without him, or him going to a new strange place, and having to meet people and go to school, and sleep in a new bed, being without me and Cash. He probably does really. I would miss my cash cash too much! : ) I love my husband and i am so grateful to have him....especially now that i don't get to have him. It makes you reflect and remember what it is that you truly love about each other, and what makes you crazy! And how little of importance the things that make you crazy seem when you don't get to be together. they don't matter.... i'll try to remember that forever when he comes home! : )


Womack Family said...

Sick Ash!! I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Good luck with having the love of your life gone for a while. Sara and I plan on the lake and little play times this summer, it would be awesome to hang out with you more then just a baby blessing here and looking at a blog there. Hope to see ya soon. And again gross pictures:)

Kris and Sarah said...

Holy Hell!! That's the best picture I've ever seen!! SICK!!! Cute pictures from the airport...that makes me sad! I'm glad you feel better.
p.s. I want that phone!!