Thursday, June 5, 2008

Car Chair!

My little forward-facing, stud man! He's so big!

He laughs every time you look at him in the rearview! Goofball!

I have been researching what i wanted in a forward facer forEVER!
I also decided an eternity ago that i wanted the Graco Safe Seat 2. Well, here it is!

Cash's rear-facer was the Graco Safe seat step 1, and it has been an

AWESOME carseat!! highly recommended by me! It is made to fit babies up to the 97 percentile, it has the nicer fabric that doesn't get stained from their mustard poop stage! And although cash will never be the 97 % child, it is so hard to get some of those smaller seats over their little arms and stuff. They just outgrow them way too quick. Well he hasn't even outgrown his old one yet anyway, but we got this one in the mail today, so we had to try it out!

I looked at babies R us, and i liked a couple besides this one. I wanted it to have the recline function. Nothing Sadder then when their little heads bob up and down when they are trying to sleep! So i tried all of their recliners, and none worked Real great, but this one. The lady said that this chair was made to have the recline function while the carseat was strapped in place in the vehicle. I guess all the other seats recline was made to work so you had to take the chair out of the car everytime you reclined it. Nightmare! I don't know... i just know that this chair is fab! SO $150 at Babies R US, - $110. Thanks Amazon!

Expensive chair, but it's all about safety right?!?! hahaha


Womack Family said...

Hey Ash,
Your little one is soooooo cute. It's so great each step that they take that makes them that much older. I love going through the changes. Well just wanted to say HELLO. Good luck living without the love of your life. Let's get together if the weather is going to get better. I'll have a new baby in the next week but I know just how important it is to get out so yeah I'll talk to sara. Have a good day Ash. Erin

Kris and Sarah said...

Ok I want that car seat! That is so cool!! It has the same clips mine does so I give Cash 1 more year until he can get out of it!! ha ha Koop just figured it out... he un-does the top clip and sits way forward and pretends he's in the conversation with us in the front seat. haha It's all fun and games 'till someone gets a 300 dollar ticket! ha ha